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How To Sleep Well – 11 Tips To Sleep Bettter.

How to sleep better?

A question that many people ask themselves. To sleep well at night, some tips and tricks exist. Activities and drinks to banish, while passing by the comfort of your room, discover the remedies for a quality sleep.

11 Tips To Sleep Better.


  • Avoid some drinks
  • No sport at night
  • Dine light
  • A warm bath to help fall asleep
  • Respect your sleep
  • Watch out for screens
  • We forget the worries
  • The bedroom, a place to sleep
  • A room at the right temperature
  • Black and silence
  • A good mattress for a good night’s sleep
  • Sleep pregnant women

Avoid Some drinks.

No sport at night
The sporting activity is excellent for the health , but it is better to program your gym or swimming in the morning or during the lunch break rather than in the evening. Indeed, by waking your muscles, you will have more trouble falling asleep.

Dine light

Difficult digestion upsets sleep, so avoid heavy dinners before going to bed. Do not eat red meat, spicy dishes. Prefer raw vegetables, white bread, pasta, fish and vegetables, and all dairy products that contain tryptophan , a substance from which serotonin, the hormone of tranquility and sleep, is made! Dine as soon as possible (ideally two hours before bedtime).

A warm bath to help fall a sleep

Do you take a hot bath at night to calm yourself down and get ready for sleep? Error ! When it is programmed to sleep, the body, conversely, decreases its internal temperature. So you have to go in this direction, and instead offer a bath (or a warm shower, 37 ° C maximum, to calm you down.

Respect your sleep

You have trouble falling asleep at night? Maybe you simply miss your sleep, because you want to see the end of the movie, finish your book, or because you’re with friends. As sleep is organized in cycles of about an hour and a half, if you miss your “train”, you will have to wait for the next. So you may turn and return to bed without being able to hang up the cars! In the same way, if you are in the evening, you do not have to sleep with the hens, you will not be able to fall asleep! When your eyes tingle, you yawn and shiver … It’s time, go! Then try, as far as possible, to go to bed and get up every day at approximately the same time. If you are roughing up your sleep (sleeping 11 am on weekdays, 4 am on Saturdays, getting up at 2 pm, etc.), it will be more and more difficult.

Watch out for screens

Some activities greatly disturb sleep, if it is fragile. Avoid television, video games, phone. These devices emit a blue light close to the light of day which does not promote falling asleep. Better to stop them 1 hour before going to bed . Needless to say, it’s best to ban the screens from the bedroom.

We forget the worries

Taxes, accounting, copies to correct … To banish too, the conjugal disputes  ! Nothing like to get upset, then rehearse on the pillow and sleep badly!

The bedroom, a place to sleep.

It is essential to respect the role of your room, it is a place to sleep, not a multi-activity room! On the other hand, we do not say no to hugs and sex .

A room at the right temperature

In your room, turn ideally the temperature at 20 ° C . And sleep with your feet warm! Scientists have indeed demonstrated that warming its extremities promotes vasodilatation of small vessels, which promotes falling asleep. Rehabilitate the socks in bed!

Black and silence

To sleep better, it is better to plunge your room in the complete darkness . Silence is also needed to ensure a restful sleep. If your spouse snores, invest in ear plugs.

A good mattress for a good night’s sleep

Difficult to live dream nights when you sleep on a deformed mattress or the slightest movement of his roommate makes you jump. A mattress changes every 10 years , how old is yours?

Sleep pregnant women

At 3 th  quarter sleep is often disturbed. The small pains of pregnancy can hinder you, backache, acid reflux, movements of the baby, etc. Do not hesitate to speak with your midwife who will give you some postural advice to better get pregnant . You can also practice  sophrology  or  yoga .


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