9 Amazing Things To Keep Fit.

9 Amazing Things To Keep Fit.

Follow these expert tips to renew your workout and keep your body healthy and strong.

1. Go barefoot.

It may be that going barefoot during the summer has the effect of improving blood circulation, strengthening the bones, giving better posture and better mood. According to Barefoot in Toronto, which encourages everyone to live barefoot, the direct contact of the feet with the ground improves the health of the skin, slows the formation of calluses, increases the robustness of the arch plantar and enhances sensory stimulation. The toenails are also better and the bad smells of the feet are lessened.

2. Sweating does not burn fat

Sweat indicates that body temperature rises, not necessarily that more calories are burned (although, in general, we all sweat at exercise). “In the sauna, we lose liters of water through perspiration but we do not burn fat,” says Brad Schoenfeld, author of 28 Day Body Shapeover. “The best way to know if you’re burning calories is to measure your heart rate or use the Perception of Effort Scale (ECE).” This is a subjective scale that ranges from 1 (complete rest) to 10 (maximum effort) and which corresponds to the heart rate: the higher the number, the faster the heart beats and the more fat is burned.

3. Cries, to increase one’s shape and self-confidence

Meditation in Action, IntenSati is a fitness program that uses voice and thought to intensify physical training. Participants utter or throw shouts of affirmations while hitting a ball, jumping or splitting. For example, by hitting the ball, they shout, “I. Am. Fort. Right now. “These motivational phrases increase self-confidence and distract the mind from tiredness; the benefits of training are enhanced. If you can not participate in the program, you can try to practice it at home.

4. The interval-training, to maximize the effects of training

“You can do too much cardiomusculation,” says Susie Shina, counselor (“I really did not find anything for lifestylist, at least for physical exercise) in physical training and author of 60 Second Circuits: 1000 Ways to Get Your Body Back. To burn fat, it is often more effective to alternately do a sprint and interval-training on a cardiomusculation device for 20 minutes rather than doing your exercises at a steady pace. Or, practice your intervals outdoors by walking, running, cycling or jumping rope.

5. Connect with others to increase motivation and focus

“It’s not necessarily bodybuilding, cardiomusculation, or muscle building that keeps us fit,” says John Kent, owner of Florida’s Boot Camp, but rather encounters with others. These special moments that we spend with others when riding a hill or running a Pilates class, help to maintain motivation and stay focused on your goals.

6. Star tips: to take with a grain of salt

“Do not believe everything you read about the things celebrities use to stay in shape,” says Torri Shack, Los Angeles fitness instructor. Many stars exercise 4 to 6 days a week for 90 minutes per session, have professional trainers and follow a strict low calorie diet. They do not just do Pilates or yoga twice a week. When you’re comparing yourself to a movie star, keep in mind that her job is, in other things, to preserve her beauty.

7. Lack of time? The training will only be more effective!

“People are surprised when they realize how little exercise it takes to stay in shape,” says personal trainer Keith Morton, founder of CityWide SuperSlow (Chicago). It’s the quality of the training and not the amount of exercise that counts. “Mississauga fitness coach Marc Lebert adds that it’s when he’s in a hurry that he trains the best. “If I give myself 20 minutes to work my legs, I know I have to increase the intensity of the work,” he says. The time limit makes every movement count. ”

8. Diet is heavier than exercise

“When it comes to losing weight and fine-tuning, exercise is only 30 per cent of the overall program,” said Ariane Hundt, New York Certified Personal Trainer and Training Camp Instructor. Brooklyn Bridge. The rest comes from a good diet and the positive image that we have of ourselves. “It takes only a few minutes to absorb 1000 calories (an Italian submarine Quiznos Classic, for example) but several hours to spend them.

9. The right moves at the right time

For people who want to lose weight, Ariane Hundt advises to do cardiomusculation in the morning on an empty stomach. “Since you have not eaten anything since the night before, the stored carbohydrate stores in your muscles and liver will be almost exhausted,” she says. your organization will then have to draw on its fat reserves to meet the energy demand. Before the morning exercise, she recommends fasting carbohydrates, such as oatmeal and a fruit, to avoid losing muscle mass.

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