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7 Compliments She Really Wants To Hear Before Love.

If you only compliment him on his physique, you forget something. This is what women really want you to notice and share

What is the compliment you use when talking to a woman? You’re probably saying, “You’re beautiful/gorgeous/ sexy,” right? She has a perfect smile, she is beautiful in a dress. If so, stop complimenting her only on that. You think you flatter her, but in fact, it’s just the opposite.

” Men think that’s what women want to hear,” says psychologist Michele Barton. But if you only talk about his physique, your compliments are boats and hypocrites. Instead of focusing on your body, your smile, or your eyes (all due in part to your chance from a genetic point of view), your compliments should be on your choices, abilities, and talents. That does not mean she never wants to hear you say she’s pretty, but there’s a lot more to compliment than her body. ” Complimenting her beauty, it’s five minutes. She will quickly forget the compliment, says Barton. But complimenting a choice she makes, like the color of her dress or haircut, is something she will really appreciate. ”

Here are the compliments she wants to hear from you.

You’re Funny

“I always like it when I’m told that I’m funny. It’s nice to be complimented on my appearance, but when someone tells me that I’m funny, it really makes me happy. “

Why it works: Many women have an excellent sense of humor, but they are rarely told. Partly because science and society say women are “not funny”. It’s wrong. Let us explain: A woman can be as funny as a man, if not funny, but people tend to believe that men are inherently funnier. This is revealed in a 2011 study by the University of California at San Diego. It is not surprising that women like to be told that they are as funny as they are beautiful. You compliment his intellect and his spirit, not just his body.

You Are Very Good At Your Work

Remember, be sure to let her know that she impresses you because she’s great, not because she’s a woman, especially if she works in a male-dominated industry. “You can even tell him explicitly that you’re impressed but not surprised,” says Barton. It is clear that you do not compare her to the men in the sector in which she works “.

You Have The Coolest Interests And Hobbies

Do not give up on your hobbies for a girlfriend (it’s a warning signal if she expects you to adopt her own) but that does not mean you can not appreciate her passion. Maybe she collects rare whiskeys or spends two hours meditating every day. Whatever her passion is, simply noticing and appreciating that she really likes something can be a compliment in itself. It’s even better if you get involved.

Your Opinion Is Really Valuable To Me

You may not know it, but women often feel that they can not say what they think in a social or professional setting. According to a 2015 study by TwentyEight Inc. , women who are “self-confident or determined” are perceived as 35% less competent at work than women who are not. In other words, telling her that her opinion and thoughts are valuable in a conversation where she can really say what she thinks and feels is a much better compliment than you could imagine. .

You Managed

Everyone likes to receive a compliment for a job well done, whether for something monumental like giving a superb speech at a wedding, or something uninteresting. Few people manage to park at one time or make an omelette like a cooking champion. Praise her for her mini feats and she will feel fulfilled, admired and precious.

I like Your Trust In You

“I have never met someone as comfortable as you are”

Maybe she’s incredibly confident … or maybe not. No matter, this compliment will make him happy. If she sincerely trusts her, she will appreciate that you notice it. It is difficult for many women to feel confident about their image or self-esteem. If it is not, this simple compliment can help boost self esteem.

You Are Very Attentive

“The best compliment I received after visiting someone at the hospital. I did not know how to take it because I did not think I would do anything special. ” Melissa V.

Women are expected to be empathic, encouraging and caring. So much so that caring actions are often taken for granted. But she’s not necessarily encouraging just because she’s a woman, says Barton. She will appreciate that you notice her benevolent or kind actions. ” Let her understand that you compliment her on these specific things and not on being a woman,” says Barton. Similarly, if she cooks your favorite food or surprises you by buying tickets for a show you’re dying to go to, give her a treat in return.


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