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18 Ways To Boost Your Sex Life In 2019 – Boost Your Sexual Performance

18 Ways To Boost Your Sex Life In 2019.

Because what happened in 2018 can stay in 2018.

When you started to have a sex life, the only goal was to have sex. Today ? You demand more from yourself. You want to be a pro, no, a legend!

Let’s make 2019 the best year of your sex life. We consulted experts and gathered 15 essential tips to spice things up.

1 –  Do An Audit Of Your Room.

Are your sheets soft or coarse? Do you have a picture of your parents on the bedside table? Start by removing anything that is not “sexy” and replaces with more … adult accessories that increase sex appeal. For example, put a wireless speaker on your nightstand and play a good playlist to set the mood. Do not put a picture of your mother. It looks like she’s watching each of your movements and it’s weird.

2 – Slow down

” When we kiss, during the preliminaries and during the act itself, I always want to go five times slower than men think, ” says Emily Morse, sexologist and host of the “Sex With Emily” podcast. From a woman’s point of view, many men go too fast during the preliminaries and the sexual act and they come out dissatisfied. The key to satisfying a woman? Take. Your. Time. ” When you take your time, it allows your partner and yourself to feel more connected and increase excitement .”

3. Look At His Reactions.

” Pay attention to your partner and his reactions on the moment. Does she breathe faster? Does she move at the same time as you? Does she cling to the sheets? If yes, continue. If not, it’s time to change or at least ask him what would excite him. ”

A real Casanova does not close your eyes. He looks at his partner for signs that prove that she enjoys and adjusts her speed, pressure, position, and location if needed.

4 –  Adjust The Temperature.

Is your partner always cold? If you want her to take off her clothes, being in a cold room is not a good thing. Simple things like increasing the temperature or investing in a soft, thick blanket will make your room more hospitable.

5. Find What She Likes.

Rule # 1: Never think that what you did to your ex will please your current partner. In terms of sex (especially with regard to oral sex techniques), you must use the first few sessions to find exactly what you like. How? Or? How fast? etc. Once you have found the answers to these questions, do not forget them. Literally. Take notes if necessary. Being constant is important.

6. Use A Vibrator On It.

Some people see vibrators as a simple way to reach orgasm, but ”  using a sex toy can add a new dimension to pleasure,  ” says Carol Queen, a sex therapist. Vibrators can give orgasms quickly to women. If you have problems at this level, try them. Once you have removed the frustration from the equation, you can relax again and start working on your other sexual techniques.

7. Use A Vibrator On Yourself.

” Men like vibrators too, ” reminds Queen. Use it right under your testicles during oral sex and you will have a much better orgasm. You can also use one to revive your erection: ” move it around the crown of the glans, the place most comparable to the clitoris in men .”

8. Buy The Right Condoms

Condoms should not interrupt the moment. Buying the right condoms will make a big difference. If you have trouble putting them on, buy some lubricated ones. If you feel that they are too tight, buy larger ones. It is important to use condoms until you both get tested for STDs. So you have to do a little more research and find the ones that work best for you.

Best Ways To Boost Your Sex Life In 2019.

9. Use More Lubricant.

The lubricant helps to make everything better. ” You can go back and forth longer and feel more with the lubricant,” says Queen. It is also necessary for anal sex and good condom use. ” You do not know where to start? Take another five minutes to take your time and lubricate your partner with your fingers. It will be 10 times better for her, but this extra stimulation can also bring her closer to orgasm.

10. Pay Attention To His Neck.

Does she like you to kiss her neck? That you lick it? Or that you bite him? If you do not know, find out as soon as possible.

11. Try A Penis Ring.

You want your partner to have an orgasm faster, but you do not want to use a vibrator? ” Use a penis ring that you can wear during the sexual act and that will stimulate both of you,” suggests Morse. Thus, you stimulate your penis with its own vibrations. Wonderful, is not it?

12. Tell Her How Sexy She Is.

Of course, you surely think about it, but are you telling him? The more sincere your compliments are, the more confident your partner will feel and your leg parts in the air will be more intense and satisfying.

13. Speak

” One thing you do not learn in sex education is how to talk without embarrassment of sex. Many men (and almost everyone) tend to interpret or send non-verbal cues, says Queen. They can be misinterpreted, especially with a new partner whose preferences you do not know. ” Do not rely on clues. Ask questions. Sit down with a glass of wine and ask your partner what she wants you to do to her (and vice versa). ” Not only will your sexual acts be improved, but it will also prevent misunderstandings .”

Bonus: the conversation itself will probably put you in the mood.

14. Adapt To Your Schedule.

Is it always you who take the first step at the end of the day, when she is in bed in pajamas and tired? Try a better time for her, such as Saturday afternoon when she comes home from brunch or comes back from her weekend workout.

Of course, this may be the first thing you want to do in the morning (or in the evening), but adapting to your schedule will help you be more present, more energetic and more excited.

15. Touch Your Whole Body.

” It can be tempting to touch only your genitals, but it’s not the right recipe for the best sex possible,” says Queen. All places where you touch her and lead to genital contact are foreplay. Our skin is full of nerve endings that, when stimulated in the right way, increase the excitement. Translation? Try to touch more parts of your body. She will appreciate and be more excited.

16. Ask Him What Are His Fantasies.

Everyone has a fantasy (apart from a small percentage of people whose libido is low). Who are his? Make her feel comfortable enough to tell you what excites her. Remind him that you ask him because you want to fulfill his fantasies.

17. Leave Your Phone Outside The Room.

” For me, the rule is that the room is made for sex and sleep. Remove distractions that reduce intimacy, suggests Morse. If you think you will not be able to get busy before going to bed, you need to disconnect in 2018. Since stress is the biggest libido killer, why would you read your work emails in bed? ! “.

18. Stop Watching Porn.

” If you’ve ever wondered how to last longer in bed, masturbate smartly, ” suggests Queen. Put PornHub aside and pay attention to your answers. Can you recognize the inevitable moment when you’re going to ejaculate (therapists talk about when you can not help but ejaculate)? Slow down and see if you can control this reflex with practice. You will thus be able to last longer in bed.

18 Ways To Boost Your Sex Life In 2019.

Boost Your Sexual Performance ?.

18 Ways To Boost Your Sex Life In 2019 - Boost Your Sexual Performance?
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Looking to boost your sexual performance to impress your partner in bed? If so, know that you are in the right place! Throughout this article, we take stock of things to take into account to develop your sexual potential. Please read the article right to the end!

Do a regular physical activity

Sport is the most natural way to boost your sexual performance if you are a victim of impotence .

Regular physical activity assures you a fit heart so you can last until the end of the night.

For best results, we advise you to do a cardiovascular sport and bodybuilding. This boosts the rate of testosterone, which is very important to have a libido in reinforced concrete.

The ideal is to exercise 6 days a week, with a minimum of 30 minutes a day.

For example, the squat is an exercise that can be practiced by men and women, to strengthen the legs and hips. It will help you to make the movements of your antics with more rigor and will allow you to try new sexual positions.

It should be remembered that physical exercises that strengthen abdominals are strongly recommended. These muscles are fundamental for getting good performance in bed. They can increase your resistance to hold certain positions.

Have a healthy and balanced diet

As you know, a healthy and balanced diet is the key to good health. However, it also allows you to increase your sexual performance.

We advise you to favor foods rich in minerals, vitamins and fatty acids.

For example, you can eat seafood that contains fatty acids, raw vegetables that can improve your sexual health, and fruits like watermelon, papaya, mango and dates that boost libido.

Reduce the stress of your life

As you know, stress is the enemy of the human being. It increases heart rate and raises blood pressure, but most importantly, it causes havoc on your health, including your libido.

You should know that stress can prevent a hard erection or an orgasm.

To avoid stress, we strongly advise you to talk to your partner, while strengthening your relationship.

We would like to point out that stress can trigger bad habits such as smoking or drinking that can affect your sexual performance.

Take viagra

Viagra is the star of sexual stimulants. It smooths the blood circulation and restores vigor to your erections, as well as to your partner.

To have a positive effect, it is best to consume one hour before sexual intercourse.

With regard to side effects, viagra can cause headaches, redness or digestive disorders.

However, taking Viagra without a prescription is the worst thing we can do. We advise you to take the advice of a doctor before consuming it. In the same sense, banana with condom sexual performance is not recommended to order on the Internet. Otherwise, you risk putting your health at risk.

Use sexual stimulants

For women, they can use the famous “Mamalu o Wahine” shampoo, which has the ability to cause an instant orgasm, even though it has a very unpleasant smell.

Regarding natural stimulants, we advise you to consume dark chocolate, saffron, vanilla, onion, asparagus, wing, and ginger. The latter can be taken orally or used as a massage. It is an excellent sexual tonic.

Also, bandaged wood is a powerful sexual stimulant. It is consumed orally , and may be combined with other stimulants.

Finally, we want to clarify that sex is not a one-way relationship. You must pay close attention to your partner’s desires. This can help you enjoy the moment.

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