How To Stay Motivated And Get Fit Definitely

How To Stay Motivated And Get Fit Definitely

Every year, it’s the same thing. We say to ourselves: “Yeah, this year, that’s it, I put myself to the sport,

I lose 10 kilos etc. etc. ”

And as usual, it takes 2-3 months maximum, then we finally drop everything  And 6 months after the beginning

of the year, we do not even remember our resolutions anymore.

I would like to share 4 tips to help you get fit and keep it permanently!

have thought a bit about the difficult things I have done in the past and the goals I have never achieved.

I realized that every time I went to the end of my goals, I was doing 4 things that I will talk about in a moment.

And every time I planted, well guess what, there was one of those things I did not respect.

So I will share with you my magic formula to help you be in the best shape of your life this year and I will

also take the opportunity to give you a little challenge.

Why good resolutions never work?

It’s strange anyway, right?

We start the year super motivated, we make a clean sweep, we decide to make a new start and change everything ..

Well, you see, that’s the problem: we want to change everything and we want to change everything at once. In addition, we have no strategy in place to achieve our resolutions and we simply rely on our motivation.

Every beginning of the year, it’s the same, we start again the same delirium by believing that this time, things will be different …

It’s not very rational anyway, right?

So you will agree with me if I say that our discipline and our motivation are limited . We have a motivation up there on January 1st, then it’s a free fall after the first month!

Unless you are a robot or live as a hermit, it’s impossible to control yourself 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

Knowing this, I have 4 tips to help you achieve your fitness and health goals this year!

Tip # 1: Focus on one goal at a time

If you want to run several hares at once, you will not get any

We all know it. But nobody applies it. So this year, do things differently and set yourself a single goal for now.

The best example I have to give you is that of Arnold Swachernegger. I am reading his biography “Total Recall” , which tells about his rise from his small village in Austria, to governor of California.

By focusing only on one goal at a time, he first became the greatest bodybuilding champion of all time, then he made success in real estate through which he became a millionaire. After, he became a movie star in Hollywood despite his big accent of Austrian, and finally governor of California.

And all these incredible goals, he was able to achieve because he focused on one goal at a time. Like a laser beam.

So focus on one goal, stay focused until you reach it.

Tip # 2: Maintain your motivation

Your desire to succeed is like a fire burning in the midst of the storm that is life ( it’s beautiful huh? ).

In your quest for transformation, you will be confronted with many obstacles: hard knocks at work, fatigue, the smell of kebab at home, birthday parties, pizza beer evening with friends in front of the game. foot etc.

It was there in 2015, it was there in 2016. So, do not let’s face it, it will be there in 2017.

So you have to keep your desire and motivation alive all year long, that fire burning in you to make sure it never goes out and that it gets stronger!

In the example of Arnold Schwarzenegger, he had posted all the walls of his room with posters of his bodybuilding idols. To always remember your goal and stay motivated. His mother even thought he was homosexual!

Use the power of autosuggestion

To succeed, you have to program your subconscious. And Arnold had understood him well.

For example, you can repeat once in the morning and once in the evening your goal:

“This year, I will lose 10 pounds, this year I will become more muscular, this year, I’m going to have abs! “

And you have to imagine what it feels like to be in this new body of which you are proud.

Sure, it sounds ridiculous, but there are many famous people who have been successful – and even big sportsmen – who use this method of autosuggestion.

If you do not even have the courage to do that, how are you going to achieve your fitness goal this year? Put all the odds on your side and build a mental “winner”.

It can only help you succeed:

If you think you’re not going to get there, that’s right. If you think you’ll get there, it’s also true.

In the end, you choose.

Surround yourself

To stay motivated and reach your goal more easily, spend more time with people pulling you up, and less time with people who are holding you back.

You are the average of the 5 people you frequent the most . Think about the people you see most often and you will better understand your life choices.

If you spend time with people who pay attention to their diet, who like to play sports, you will naturally absorb their habits, you will remain motivated more easily and you will achieve your goal with much less effort.

On the other hand, if you frequent people who are a little lazy, who eat junk or whose only pleasure is to party, to whack until 5am, their lifestyle will inevitably rub off on you. You will have to constantly face the temptations and it will be a fight all the time.

It is very difficult to be surrounded by people who do not understand your choices, who spend their time judging you, and who have neither your courage nor your motivation to change, to be in better health and in better shape.

So be careful not to waste your energy and create an environment that will increase your motivation.

Tip # 3: Think long term

Today, the problem is that we want everything now, immediately, YESTERDAY. Everyone wants to have abs in a week, they call me to ask me how to lose 6 pounds in 2 weeks. It’s not realistic! Unless you saw a leg, it will be necessary to be patient and perservant.

Never forget, having the body of your dreams will take time, effort and discipline.

And that’s why it’s worth it. Because if everyone was gaulé like Brad Pitt or Jessica Alba, there would be no interest and it would become even commonplace!

So this year, think long term. And you will see, you will be much less stressed, your goal will be much easier to achieve and your results will be sustainable.

Imagine that you decide to lose 5 pounds in 1 month: you risk doing anything if you do not know anything about nutrition. you risk starving yourself, doing violence and you will suffer.

The paradox is that you will probably get there too!

But after 30 days, what will happen? You know it: back to square one. You may even gain more weight and depress by saying that it is useless.

On the other hand, if you decide to give yourself 5 months to lose 5 pounds, it’s not at all the same. Obviously, it seems long, but it is much easier and much more realistic.

You will be able to incorporate foods that you adore into your diet. You will take much more pleasure in the process and you will create a lifestyle that will allow you to stay slim, healthy and enjoy your day. This is how you will have lasting results: thinking long term.

Rethink all these lost years with a short-term approach, looking for miracle cures. If it had not worked the years before, there is little chance that it works this time.

Imagine what you could have accomplished in the last 3 years with a long-term goal.

There is a phrase that I like a lot that says:

We overestimate what we can achieve in a year and underestimate what we can do in 10 years.

I’m not saying that you have to take 5 months to lose 5 kilos, but it’s just a long-term approach.

For example, even if you lose 5 pounds in 1 month because seeing the results quickly motivates you more and because you follow a viable method, your result will be different if in your head, you set a goal for 5 months. Because the remaining 4 months you will find a way, your way, to maintain your new fitness weight.

Tip # 4: Have a simple and accurate plan

Most of the good resolutions that end up in oblivion are because they start with good intentions, but in practice there is no plan that is put into action. Or the plan is too complicated or too messy.

The easier your plan is to accomplish, the more you can do it. Make it simple.

Set a long-term goal: 6 months or 1 year for example and break it down into super simple steps. It has to be so simple that you feel like it’s child’s play today.

Well done, you must have the impression that it is a plan for someone who has 0 motivation.

And it is precisely done on purpose. The goal is to anticipate the reality of life: when all the galleys of everyday life will fall on you during the year, you will be happy to have a plan as easy to hold as a breeze.

For example if your goal is to be in better shape this year and you have decided to play sports or bodybuilding, you may say: “this year I do 3H sports per week”

But instead of starting the checkout, stagger an easy plan over the year and start small:

  • For example, 1h of sport per week the first 3 months.
  • Then 2h the next 4 months.
  • Then 3h the last 5 months.

It’s just an example. The idea is that it is extremely easy to hold.

Be as accurate as possible

you need to know exactly what day, what time, which transport you are taking to the gym. What exercises you will do, in what order, how many sets, how much repetition, etc.

The less improvisation there is, the easier it will be to keep your plan.

The idea is that you reach your goal by the end of the year, with the least amount of effort and discipline.

You have to save your motivation cartridges because the year will be long. And you will probably need it for other urgent and unforeseen things.

The second advantage to stagger your plan with easy steps is to give you the desire to want more.

When you see the benefits that you get, the people around you give you compliments, the girls look at you out of the corner of your eye, it will motivate you to continue.

And there, you will be in a hurry to arrive at the 4th month to go 2 times to the gym, to have more results!

That’s when the real magic happens.

Your way of thinking will be reversed: playing sports becomes a reward, no longer a punishment.


That’s it, it was my 4 tips to keep motivation to get in shape and be at the top by the end of the year!

This is the formula I used to make difficult things and when I tried to do differently, running 40 hares at a time, doing faster than music, I always planted myself miserably.

This year, you must be smarter and more courageous. To maintain your motivation and stay focused on one goal at a time, it takes courage. Being patient enough to think long term and put in place a specific plan, it takes courage. But this is the only way to succeed quickly and sustainably. (Yes, you have to think long term to succeed quickly, I know it’s counterintuitive, but it’s the truth!)

Feel free to share your goal this year in the comments. Together we are stronger!



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